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List of 500+ free and paid SEO Tools including Local SEO Tools, Marketing Suites and more. All tools are ranked! 300+ of them are completely free. Updated frequently.  Search, sort and filter by price, tag, keyword or rank.

NamePATag FilterPriceFunctionalityDate Added
Google My Business
85#LocalSEOToolsFreeGet your free business listing on Google My Business to start building visibility in Google Maps, etc42979
Yoast SEO Wordpress Plugin
85#WordpressToolsFreemiumYoast SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin. Handles the technical optimization of your site42979
W3 Total Cache Wordpress Plugin
84#CacheToolsFreemiumSearch Engine (SEO) & Performance Optimization (WPO) via caching. CDN, Minify, Page, Object, etc.42979
All in One SEO Pack
82#WordpressToolsFreemiumThe original SEO plugin for WordPress, downloaded over 30,000,000 times since 200742979
78#SEOToolsTrialBoost traffic and revenue with a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis tools42979
Bing Advanced Search Keywords
74#SEOToolsFreeAdvanced keywords can give you better search results so that you find only what you want42979
Bing Search Operators
74#SEOToolsFreeFind what you are looking for in less time. Use the following symbols to quickly modify your search42979
DomainTools Whois
71#WhoisLookupToolsFreeResearch domain ownership: Get ownership info, IP address history, rank, traffic, SEO & more42979
Alexa Toolbar
70#SEOToolsFreeAlexa toolbar for Chrome or Firefox42979
70#SchemaToolsFreeAdd your business contact details to your site with seo-friendly markup. Wordpress Plugin42979
70#MarketingSuiteTrialKeyword Research, Rank Tracking, Website Audit, Backlink Research, SEO Toolbar, more42979
Google Search Operators
70#SEOToolsFreeYou can use symbols or words in your search to make your search results more precise42979
69#MarketingSuiteFreemiumSEO, PPC, Social Media, Keyword Research, Backlinks, Position Rank Tracking, Website Audit, more42979
SEO Auto Linker
68#WebsiteToolsFreeAutomatically links words and phrases in your post, page or custom post type content42979
Social Share Bar
68#WordpressToolsFreeA fast loading social share bar. Floating toolbar that is SEO friendly and customizable.42979
Moz Google Algo Change History
67#SEOToolsFreeKnowing the dates of Google updates can help explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic42979
65#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Toolset. Backlinks, competitor analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, website audit, alerts…42979
65#WebsiteBuilderFreemiumBuild a website with easy drag & drop tools and grow your business with ecommerce & SEO solutions42979
63#BrowserToolsFreemiumYour all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go.42979
Moz Beginner Guides
62#GuidesFreeLevel up your online marketing game with search optimization skills.42979
Moz Check your Online Presence
62#LocalSEOToolsFreemiumCheck your local business listings on google, bing and others to improve your listing.42979
62#WebsiteAuditFreemiumFrom SEO to Digital Marketing, use WooRank to analyze and optimize unlimited websites.42979
61#SEOToolsFreemiumBacklink intelligence tools for SEO and Internet PR and Marketing42979
Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool
61#ScraperToolsFreemiumDesktop website auditor. Crawl links, images, CSS, more, to evaluate onsite SEO. Find broken links42979
Google Rich Results Test
60#SEOToolsFreeRich results may include a carousel, image or other non-textual UI elements43191
HubSpot Marketing Software
60#MarketingSuitePaidAll-In-One SEO marketing software. Email marketing, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, more42979
Meta SEO Inspector
60#WebsiteAuditFreeShows the canonical URL for a given web page42979
Microsoft SEO Toolkit
60#SEOToolsFreeReview your website and make changes fast. Helps improve the relevance of your website.42979
Moz Newsletter
60#SEOToolsFreeThe Moz Top 10 newsletter sharing the 10 most valuable articles about SEO and marketing.42979
SEOBook Keyword Density Analyzer
59#KeywordResearchFreeAnalyze the keyword density of your page or competing pages.42979
SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool
59#KeywordResearchFreeLearn which keywords you should be targeting to increase your website rankings, traffic, and profit42979
SEOBook Rank Checker
59#RankTrackingFreeTrack where your site ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing Search using the Firefox rank checker42979
Hubspot Website Grader
58#WebsiteAuditFreeGrades your site against key metrics like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security.42979
58#SEOToolsFreemium169 Billion current URLs in the palm of your hands42979
Moz Rank Tracker
58#RankTrackingTrialSEO Tool to check google keyword Rank and website Position.42979
58#MarketingSuiteDemoSEO marketing and analytics, content optimization, website audit, keyword research, more42979
Connexity HitWise
57#DataToolsPaidCompetitor PPC and SEO intelligence data42979
Google SEO Guide
57#GuidesFreeGoogle Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.42979
Hubspot Content Strategy Tool
57#ContentToolsPaidHelps you discover and validate topics to write about that match the way people now search and buy42979
Neil Patel SEO Analyzer
57#WebsiteAuditFreeWill point out all of the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings42979
Plagiarism Checker
57#DuplicateContentFreeCheck plagiarism percentage report of articles, essays, thesis & webpages42979
Premium SEO Pack
57#SEOToolsPaidThe ultimate tool for optimizing your website for today's search engines. Wordpress plugin42979
SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant
57#ContentToolsFreeProvides instant recommendations for content optimization based on articles in Google’s top 1043361
SEO Powersuite
57#MarketingSuiteTrialAll in one SEO toolkit. Rank Tracking, Website Audit, Backlinks, Link Building, Keyword Research42979
57#WebsiteAuditFreeProvides you with key SEO metrics for a specific page, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit42979
57#LocalSEOToolsPaidVivial local online marketing solutions make it quick, simple, and affordable42979
Beginners Guide to SEO
56#GuidesFreeWhat SEO is, how it works and what factors affect search42979
56#LocalSEOToolsPaidFast & accurate local SEO reporting that saves you hours every week42979
56#MarketingSuitePaidSEO Tools, Website Audits, Backlinks Data, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Competitor Research42979
56#LocalSEOToolsPaidOffers a total digital marketing system for local businesses to help them get more customers online42979
SEO SiteCheckup
56#WebsiteAuditFreemiumFind comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) tools for your site.42979
56#OutsourcingToolsPaidThe largest SEO Marketplace on the planet42979
SEOMastering Audit
56#WebsiteAuditFreeSEO Audit service checks for and provides a huge amount of data and characteristics of the site42979
Yoast Local SEO
56#LocalSEOToolsPaidEasily optimize your WordPress blog to perform well in Local Search Results. Wordpress Plugin42979
Advanced Google Search Operators
55#SEOToolsFreeLists the search operators that work with each Google search service42979
55#KeywordResearchFreemiumKeyword research and analysis tool generating hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty42979
Moz Site Crawl Test
55#WebsiteAuditTrialRun full SEO audit and crawl diagnostic reports on any website.42979
N.A.P. Hunter
55#LocalSEOToolsFreePerforms searches for various combinations of a business name. Download to CSV42979
Nibbler Website Test
55#WebsiteAuditFreemiumTest how good your website is and how to improve it. Check SEO, social media, compliance and more.42979
Rank Tracker
55#RankTrackingTrialTrack rankings of your website for multiple keywords in 346+ local and international search engines42979
SEOBook Keyword Typo Generator
55#KeywordResearchFreeGenerate mispelled keywords base on common typing errors42979
55#MarketingSuiteFreemiumSEO Tools, Keyword Research, Website Audit, Backlinks, Rank Tracking, Analytics, Competitor Research42979
54#MarketingSuiteDemoSEO and Content Marketing Platform. Keyword Research, Local SEO, Rank Tracking, Dashboards, more42979
54#WebsiteAuditFreeAllows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by styles. View as a search engine spider42979
Google PageRank Checker
54#SEOToolsFreeCheck Pagerank of a website instantly42979
54#BrowserToolsFreeQuick SEO analysis of websites and pages, designed for webmasters and SEOs. Chrome extension42979
Website SEO Score Checker
54#WebsiteAuditFreeA quick free SEO score checker.42979
54#WordpressToolsFreeFree WordPress plugin for writing SEO-friendly content and ranking higher in search engines43989
Am I Responsive
53#SEOToolsFreeShows you if a website is responsive. Shows you how it looks on a tablet, phone, laptop and desktop43160
53#MarketingSuiteDemoSEO Platform, Rank Tracking, Competitor Research, Website Audit, Reporting, Content Strategy, more42979
53#LinkBuildingPaidSEO Automation that helps advertising agencies and brands rank better in Google42979
Moz Local
53#LocalSEOToolsFreemiumStart optimizing local business listings by first assigning the right categories.42979
Portent SEO Page Review Extension
53#BrowserToolsFreeReview common SEO elements and issues on the page42979
SEMrush Site Audit
53#WebsiteAuditFreemiumSEO analysis reports will help you find and fix on-site issues and boost SEO-optimization.42979
SEO SpyGlass
53#LinkBuildingTrialReveal the entire link building strategy of your competition with this backlink research tool.42979
SEOBook Keyword List Generator
53#KeywordResearchFreeUse this tool to compare keyword lists against each other42979
53#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Tools: rank tracking, backlinks, keyword research, reputation, website audit, link building, local42979
Social Image Resizer Tool
53#ImageToolsFreeCreate optimized images for social media42979
52#MarketingSuiteTrialBacklinks Analysis, Content Audit and Rank Tracking, Penalty Recovery, SEO Dashboards42979
Find Broken Links and Redirects
52#WebsiteAuditFreeWill find broken links on your site and generate an XML formatted sitemap your site42979
Keyword Rank Checker
52#RankTrackingFreeKeyword rank checker tool to track keywords position for website42979
Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit
52#SEOToolsFreeHelps to improve website relevance in search results by helping to make content more SEO friendly42979
MonitorBacklinks52#LinkBuildingTrialMonitor your backlinks for good SEO rankings42979
SEOBook Server Header Checker
52#WebsiteAuditFreeVerify your server is sending the correct headers42979
SEOBook Spider Test Tool
52#WebsiteAuditFreeShows the source code of a page, outbound links on the page, and common words and phrases42979
52#MarketingSuiteFreemiumSEO, PPC, Backlinks, Rank Tracking, Keywords, Competitor Analysis, Website Audit, Content Marketing42979
52#WebsiteAuditFreemiumBest Free SEO Software for all your SEO and PPC Management needs42979
Website Auditor
52#WebsiteAuditTrialUse WebSite Auditor to get first-rate SEO advice and promote your sites like an SEO expert.42979
WordStream Keyword Grouper
52#KeywordResearchFreeDrop in a list of keywords or analytics data, get back organized keyword structure for PPC and SEO.42979
Article Spinner|Rewriter
51#ArticleSpinnersFreeFree online Paraphrasing Tool to Generate 100% unique article for free42979
Domain Authority Checker
51#SEOToolsFreeCheck website moz Domain Authority. One URL at a time.42979
SEMrush Sensor
51#SEOToolsFreemiumMeasures volatility in Google search results. Tracks 20+ categories. Highlights possible google updates43191
51#SEOToolsPaidWordpress plugin that gives you maximum SEO clarity on your WordPress sites42979
51#WebsiteAuditFreemiumQuick and simple Search Engine Optimization audit tool and website review of any web page42979
51#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Toolbox: Keyword Research, Ranking Data, Website Audit, Social Media Monitoring, Backlinks42979
51#VideoToolsPaidTranscription services for audio and video, captions. SEO for video tool.42979
51#SEOToolsFreemiumSEO training to 10x your traffic from Google43989
50#AdvertisingToolsDemoUnderstand your campaign performance vs competitors for text ads, PLA and SEO.42979
Ahrefs Batch Analysis
50#LinkBuildingTrialPull Ahrefs SEO metrics for up to 200 URLs.42979
Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
50#BrowserToolsFreemiumGet quick access to Ahrefs' SEO metrics while you surf the web (+ SERP overlay) (Chrome and Firefox)42979
FaqFox Question Scraper
50#ScraperToolsFreeFind questions your viewers are asking online, free.42979
IBP|Internet Business Promoter
50#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Software, Website Auditing, Link Building, Keyword Research, Backlinks, Rank Tracking42979
50#CommunityToolsFreeForum for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Money Making Ideas, Web Planning42979
Link Assistant
50#LinkBuildingTrialLinkAssistant is the most effective link building and link management software.42979
50#LinkBuildingFreeLinkCollider is a free SEO tool that uses link building and social media sites to improve SEO42979
LSIGraph Keyword Generator
50#ContentToolsFreeGenerate Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords for your SEO needs.42979
PageRank Prediction
50#SEOToolsFreeWill predict your websites future Page Rank based on the quality and quantity of backlinks42979
50#MarketingSuiteTrialAll-in-One SEO Software. Rank Tracking, Backlinks, Landing Pages, Keyword Research, Social Analytics42979
SEO Studio
50#SEOToolsPaidNext-generation tools for search engine optimization42979
SEOBook Link Suggestion Tool
50#LinkBuildingFreeGenerates Google and Yahoo! searches for your keyword + the term from the keyword list42979
SEOBook Page Comparison Tool
50#WebsiteAuditFreeCompare your web page to competing pages to find keywords42979
50#SEOToolsFreeOpen source seo control panel for managing search engine optimization of your multiple websites42979
SEOPressor Blog Title Generator
50#ContentToolsFreeGet endless suggestion, catchy titles, and other creative blogging topics42979
SmartCrawl Wordpress Plugin
50#WordpressToolsPaidWordpress SEO plugin to boost your pagerank and drive more traffic to your site43160
Varvy SEO Tool
50#WebsiteAuditFreeSee how well your website follows googles guidelines.42979
WhiteSpark Local SEO Tools
50#LocalSEOToolsPaidImprove local search and rankings SEO. Local Rank Tracking, Reputation builder, Link Building42979
50#WebsiteAuditFreeImprove your SEO rating with the On-Page SEO checker. Get your SEO score now42979
Excel for SEOs
49#GuidesFreeHelps SEO professionals get meaningful information from mountains of data in Excel42979
Grammar Checker
49#ContentToolsFreeAllow you to check grammar, punctuation, spelling and contextual mistakes of English sentences42979
49#MarketingSuiteDemoAll-in-one SEO platform. Influencer tools, Keyword Research, Backlinks, Competitive Analysis, Audit42979
49#SEOToolsDemoData-driven SEO, Content and Outreach Strategies. Backlink analysis. Rank Tracking. Analytics42979
49#WebsiteAuditFreemiumOffers free website analysis, free keyword suggestions, free SEO analytics and free backlink checker42979
49#SEOToolsPaidAutomated backlinking tool for propelling your website up Google rankings42979
49#PressToolsFreemiumPress releases are supercharged with multimedia, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO)42979
OpenSource Google Rank Checker
49#RankTrackingFreeReal time Google rank checker for bulk checking keywords for SEO43191
Portent SERP Preview Tool
49#SEOToolsFreeEnter your title tag, meta description, and URL to see how they will appear in a Google search result42979
49#SEOToolsFreemiumUncover SEO backlinks & traffic sources of your competitors42979
49#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Management platform. Rank Tracking, Competitive Research, Website Audit, Backlinks, more42979
49#WebsiteAuditPaidAnalyze your performance and beat the competition across social media, SEO and website content42979
SEnukeTNG Pro
49#SEOToolsPaidAutomates crucial ranking factors42979
SEOBook Keyword List Cleaner
49#KeywordResearchFreeUse this tool to remove bad keywords from your keyword lists.42979
SEOBook Keyword Wrapper
49#PPCToolsFreeQuickly wrap keyword phrases in quotation marks, (phrase match) and [square brackets].42979
Mangools SEO Tools
49#SEOToolsFreemiumProductive keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking and backlink analysis43160
49#SEOToolsPaidProvides affordable DIY SEO Tools and SEO Reports for small businesses and entrepreneurs43989
48#WebsiteAuditTrialAnalyse your website architecture and monitor technical issues to improve SEO performance.42979
OnPage Optimization Tool
48#WebsiteAuditFreeShows Meta Tags, Keyword Density, Total words, etc..42979
48#LinkBuildingFreemiumGet a detailed backlinks analysis of your site. Couple free uses, then need trial at seoprofiler.com42979
48#MarketingSuitePaidSEO, Link Building, Social Media and PPC, Website Audit, Keyword Research, Link Building, Reputation42979
Page Authority Checker
48#SEOToolsFreeCheck moz page authority for any webpage42979
Search Engine Watch IFTTT Recipes
48#AutomationToolsFree22 useful IFTTT recipes for content marketing and SEO.42979
48#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO management software. Rank Tracking, Website Audit, Backlinks, Keyword Research, more42979
48#WebsiteAuditTrialHelps you better manage your website through quality assurance, web accessibility, analytics, SEO42979
48#LocalSEOToolsPaidSoftware to help local businesses. CRM, Text and Email Marketing, Social Media, Websites and more43191
Wordtracker Academy
48#GuidesFreeWordtracker guide on SEO, keyword research, link building, social media marketing, content and PPC.42979
Google Review Link Generator
48#LocalSEOToolsFreeEasily find your business and generate your unique Google Review link43989
CognitiveSEO Keyword Tool
48#KeywordResearchTrialFind More Keyword Suggestions. Create Better Performing Content43989
Alexa Rank Checker
47#SEOToolsFreeCheck Alexa rank on up to 5 urls42979
Backlink Checker Tool47#LinkBuildingFreemiumDiscover backlinks to your website or to any competitor website42979
47#LocalSEOToolsDemoLocal SEO and reputation management solutions for retailers and agencies with multiple locations42979
Google Reverse Image Search
47#ImageToolsFreeFind similar images or an image source42979
Income Access
47#MonetizationToolsFreemiumAn affiliate marketing, business intelligence and SEO service provider in the regulated gaming industry42979
47#SEOToolsPaidKeywords. Backlinks. Site Pages. Content performance. Social Presence and everything in between42979
47#WebsiteAuditFreeAnalyse the SEO performance of a URI for a given keyphrase42979
47#MobileMarketingPaidData Galore for App Store SEO & Competitive Intelligence. For Apple and Android Play stores42979
47#SEOToolsDemoEnterprise SEO Platform42979
SEOWorkers SEO Analysis Tool
47#WebsiteAuditFreeAnalyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages43191
47#SEOToolsTrialComplete automation of SEO including tools for tracking, backlinks building and much more42979
TrustRank Checker
47#SEOToolsFreeShows the correct Trustrank of your website42979
Valuable Backlinks Checker
47#LinkBuildingFreeThis tool shows the 100 most valuable backlinks pointing at a specific URL42979
47#SEOToolsFreemiumSearch engine optimization software designed to ease the task of getting web pages higher in SERPS43989
46#SEOToolsPaidWhite label inbound marketing software for SEO reseller/agencies42979
DropMyLInk46#LinkBuildingFreemiumFind SEO footprints to create backlinks on42979
46#SEOToolsFreemiumOptimize your site for search engines and social media by taking advantage of our SEO tools42979
MozRank Checker
46#WebsiteAuditFreeCheck MozRank for any website42979
Ping Domain Tester
46#WebsiteAuditFreeDisplays details, that includes the time it takes to get a control packet from the remote host42979
46#SEOToolsDemoBecome more relevant for your keywords, and win more traffic from organic search42979
46#LocalSEOToolsPaidAutomate, manage and optimize local search marketing campaigns on a global scale42979
Similar Page Checker
46#DuplicateContentFreeThis tool allows you to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages42979
UpCity SEO Report Card
46#SEOToolsFreeIn exchange for contact information, will analyze your site and see how it ranks vs competitors43361
Website Authority Checker
46#WebsiteAuditFreeDomain Authority / Page Authority PageRank tool. Single site checker42979
46#LinkBuildingFreeFinds relevant articles that are missing citations or contain dead/broken links on Wikipedia42979
Hreflang Tags Generator Tool
46#CodeToolsFreeGenerate the hreflang tags for your multi-language or multi-country site easily and fast42979
46#WebsiteAuditFreemiumGet insights to improve your search engine optimization42979
SEOmofo SERP Snippet Optimization
46#SEOToolsFreeSimulates Googles search engine results pages (SERPs)42979
46#DomainNameToolsPaidManually selected domains that are 100% spam-free and loaded with authorized backlinks for SEO43989
45#SEOToolsFreeTracking Google algorithm changes by observing turbulence in rankings of thousands of keywords42979
Extract Title, Description, Keywords
45#SEOToolsFreeEnter a list of URLs and this tool will return the title tag, keywords and description for them42979
Image Compression Tools
45#ImageToolsFreeCompress jpg & png images without losing its quality and features42979
Infographic Embed Code Generator
45#LinkBuildingFreeProduces image embed codes that generate more clicks, and do not put your SEO at risk42979
45#SEOToolsPaidSEO software that creates custom link building tasks to gain website's authority and rankings42979
45#LocalSEOToolsDemoAn all in one Local SEO Software for online business marketing and visibility reporting42979
45#RankTrackingFreemiumThe most comprehensive SEO Rank Tracking & Reporting solution (SERP Tracker)42979
Rank Risk Index
45#SEOToolsFreeMeasures SERP fluctuations for 10,000+ domains and keywords that we monitor daily42979
SEO Rank Monitor
45#RankTrackingTrialBoost Your Rankings, Track Your Competitors, and Monitor SEO Performance.42979
SERPmetrics Flux
45#SEOToolsFreemiumSearch Engine Fluctuation Charts42979
45#MarketingSuiteTrialTools for SEOs to quickly audit backlinks, content and social media data. Harvest Emails.42979
Varvy Mobile SEO Test
45#MobileMarketingFreeCheck a webpage for mobile seo issues.42979
Yellowpipe Robots.txt Generator
45#SEOToolsFreeCreate your robots.txt File online. Robots.txt generator42979
Panguin Penalty Check
45#WebsiteAuditFreeInvestigate if and how you have been impacted by Google's algorithm changes. Need to give GA Data.42979
SE Competitor Analysis
45#SEOToolsFreemiumDiscover your competitors keywords and ads for paid and organic search42979
Bulk DA, PA, Mozrank and IP Checker
45#SEOToolsFreePaste up to 20 webpages to check their DA, PA, mozrank and ip address42979
44#RankTrackingTrialThe world fastest SEO Rank Tracker.42979
44#DashboardToolsTrialSEO, PPC, Social Media and analytics dashboard. Rank Tracking, Website Auditor, more…42979
44#WebsiteAuditDemoIncrease your SEO traffic and revenue with great actionable data42979
CognitiveSEO SiteExplorer
44#LinkBuildingFreemiumResearch links, spot growth opportunities and investigate rankings for your site and competitors42979
44#DashboardToolsPaidCut your PPC, SEM & SEO reporting time in half. Gather all your data in one automated report42979
44#AnalyticsToolsFreemiumProvides first class web site analytics and seo tools for your website42979
44#WebsiteAuditTrialWebsite review and analysis in search engine optimization (SEO), performance, validity, security,etc42979
Keyword Density Checker
44#WebsiteAuditFreeWill crawl the set URL, extract text as a search engine would and examine the density of the keywords42979
44#WebsiteAuditPaidEasy-to-use Web Crawler and Log Analyzer for Enterprise SEO Audits and Daily Monitoring42979
SEOBook Ad Group Generator
44#PPCToolsFreeGenerate Ad Groups to upload to Adwords42979
SEOBook Negative Keyword Wrapper
44#PPCToolsFreeConverts keyword phrases into negative keywords42979
44#SEOToolsPaidSEO Suite incorporating 25+ SEO software tools for SEO marketing & management42979
Google Serps Snippet Optmization
44#SEOToolsFreeFree Google SERP snippet optimization tool as a guide when creating your Title and Meta descriptions43160
SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool
44#KeywordResearchFreeGenerate a list of relevant keyword suggestions and synonyms related to your topic / keyword42979
44#SEOToolsFreeSimulate using Google Search from a different location, device or language43160
Money Robot
44#LinkBuildingPaidSEO automation tool designed to publishing your content and backlinks to thousands of websites42979
Adwords|SEO Keyword Permutations
44#PPCToolsFreeInput lists of words to get all their permutations. Select Adwords Broad, Phrase and Exact Match42979
BrightLocal Local Rank Tracker
44#RankTrackingTrialThe fast & accurate way to track Organic, Mobile & Local search rankings42979
Bulk Google Rank Checker
44#RankTrackingFreeSubmit up to 10 keywords, add your domain and select your version of Google to get accurate results43361
GSA Search Engine Ranker
44#SEOToolsFreemiumIt will find you new websites for you and submit your website42979
44#LinkBuildingFreemiumA SEO management software that makes it easier to plan and deliver backlinks43160
44#SEOToolsPaidCompiles data on thousands of Google featured snippet opportunities in actionable format.43678
Duplicate Content Checker
43#DuplicateContentFreeDuplicate content checker / Plagiarism detection42979
Free Online Article Rewriter
43#ArticleSpinnersFreeSpeed up your content creation process, and take your business to another level42979
Link Building Query Generator
43#SEOToolsFreeEnter information about your brand, your competitors and this tool will generate link building queries42979
43#WebsiteAuditFreemiumGenerate free SEO report audits or white-label SEO reports42979
Page Comparison
43#WebsiteAuditFreeAllows you to compare two pages using multiple seo aspects42979
PublicWWW Source Code Search
43#SEOToolsFreeFind any alphanumeric snippet, signature or keyword in the web pages HTML, JS and CSS code43160
SEMrush On Page SEO Checker
43#WebsiteAuditFreemiumBring out the best in your webpages with on-point On Page SEO Checker42979
SEO Gadget for Excel
43#SpreadsheetToolsFreeUnlock the data from Majestic SEO, Moz and Grepwords within SEOgadget for Excel42979
SEO Tools for Excel
43#SpreadsheetToolsTrialExcel plugin for working with online marketing. More than 100 functions for growth hacking.42979
43#WebsiteAuditTrialRank tracking, SEO Crawl, Backlinks, Keyword suggestion and many more SEO tools.42979
43#SEOToolsFreemiumDomain Authority Checker: Page Authority PA, Domain Authority DA, Moz Rank, Spam Score43678
43#LinkBuildingFreemiumBacklinks checker & SEO Report 500m+ urls analyzed in 19m+ domains42979
43#MarketingSuitePaidAll-in-One SEO Toolkit. Rank Tracking, Backlinks, Competitor Research, Website Auditor, Keywords42979
43#MarketingSuiteFreemiumRank Tracking and Website Audit on-page ranking factors checker. Keywords and more…42979
Squirrly SEO Wordpress Plugin
43#WordpressToolsFreemiumSquirrly is the only Wordpress plugin that allows you to optimize content and measure its success42979
Moonsy Domain Authority Checker
43#SEOToolsFreeDomain Authority Checker. 10 max per day43678
Linkody Backlink Checker
43#LinkBuildingFreemiumCheck your backlinks. Check 5 domains per week for free42979
Search Trademarks for free
43#TrademarkToolsFreeCheck one trademark at a time with this free trademark search tool42979
43#WebsiteAuditPaidA great SEO Audit and deep SEO Analysis Tool designed primarily for SEO professionals42979
43#RankTrackingFreemiumMonitors SERPs for keywords while utilizing social signals, and A.I. Bots to dominate SEO and ORM 42979
Bulk Webpage Word Count Checker
43#SEOToolsFreeCheck the number of words used inside the body of a web page. Up to 10 URLs at a time43160
Internal Link Analyzer
43#WebsiteAuditFreeAnalyze the links search engine spiders can detect on a specific page of your website42979
SEO Content Machine
43#ContentToolsTrialThe content generator for serious SEO42979
43#KeywordResearchTrialEffortless keyword research & management. Organic traffic distributed back to the keywords42979
43#MarketingSuiteFreemiumSEO and PPC Tools for keyword research, rank tracking, website audit, search volume, URL Shortener42979
BlazingSEO LLC
43#ProxyToolsPaidFast, automatic private proxies with over 500 subnets42979
43#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO tools. Rank Tracking, Competitor insights, Backlinks, Website Audit. Formerly Positionly42979
43#SEOToolsFreeShows you the entire path of redirects and meta-refreshes that leads to the final destination of a URL43160
Netpeak Spider
43#WebsiteAuditTrialPersonal SEO crawler that helps you do a fast, comprehensive technical audit of the entire website42979
43#BrowserToolsFreeOpen a whole list of URLs at the same time42979
Bulk Domain Authority Checker
43#SEOToolsFreeBulk Domain authority checker, get (DA - PA - Total backlinks - Quality backlinks)42979
43#KeywordResearchFreeThe Reddit keyword research tool. Enter in a subreddit name to generate keywords42979
43#KeywordResearchFreemiumOptimize your text to attract more users to your site - SEO tool for marketing professionals43160
43#ScraperToolsFreeDiscontinued SEO crawling tool that still works but is not in active development43989
43#WordpressToolsFreemiumSimple, fast and powerful SEO plugin for Wordpress43989
The Hoth SEO Tools
43#SEOToolsFreeSEO Analysis, Keyword Research, Content Tools, Website Tools, Auditing Tools43989
43#RankTrackingTrialSEO performance tracker of the next generation. Rank tracking, backlink monitoring and site auditing43989
Bulk PA and DA Checker
42#SEOToolsFreeMoz Domain Authority and Page Authority bulk tool. Check up to 10 at a time42979
42#CompetitorToolsFreemiumA super-charged keyword difficulty and SEO competitive analysis tool.42979
Domain Age Checker
42#DomainNameToolsFreeDisplays approximate age of a website and allows you to examine how the website looked in the past42979
Extract Links from HTML
42#SEOToolsFreePaste in html containing links and this tool will isolate and seperate each url into a CSV file42979
Get URLs from Search Results
42#BrowserToolsFreeGet URLs from Search Results Plugin Tool. Firefox Addon or Chrome Extension42979
Alexa Rank Checker
42#SEOToolsFreeCheck up to 5 urls for alexa rank42979
Duplicate Page Finder
42#DuplicateContentFreeVery useful tool to find out the similar pages available over the internet42979
SEO Rank ###
42#SEOToolsFreemiumBulk page authority checker, bulk domain authority checker, bulk trust flow checker, bulk citation flow42979
TheHoth Reputation Audit
42#LocalSEOToolsFreeThis free reputation management tool with give you a report of all your online reviews43361
JSON-LD Schema Generator for SEO
42#SchemaToolsFreeWith this tool you can quickly generate the correct JSON-LD for any page on your site.42979
Local SEO Checklist
42#LocalSEOToolsFreeA handy checklist to help you optimize your Local SEO campaigns better42979
42#SEOToolsDemoAll-in-one solution for SEO tasks42979
TheHoth Domain Authority Checker
42#SEOToolsFreeDetermine Moz PA and DA. Email address required.43678
SEO and Internet Marketing for Slack
42#CommunityToolsFreea Slack community with over 6000 like-minded individuals who come together to share ideas.42979
42#SEOToolsTrialReal-time SEO Auditing and Content Tracking43361
42#SEOToolsPaidSEO factors analyzer · Use it to optimize websites with the most important signals in your niche43678
42#SEOToolsPaidWe Help SEO Agencies Close Millions of Dollars in New Revenue and SCALE (previously
42#SEOToolsTrialAn AI-powered SEO tool that does the heavy lifting for you43989
Duplicate Content Checker
41#DuplicateContentFreeHelp you to make sure you're not being penalized by search engines for duplicate content42979
Extract Domains from URLs
41#SEOToolsFreePaste in a set of URLs and this tool will isolate the domain for each and save the list as a CSV file42979
Search Engine Spider Simulator
41#WebsiteAuditFreeDisplays the contents of a webpage the way the search engine spider would see it42979
41#SEOToolsFreeOptimize title tags and meta description42979
SERP Turkey
41#SEOToolsFreeA tool for split testing over various aspects of how results appear in the SERPs42979
Canonical URL / Location Checker
41#MiscToolsFreeCheck if a page has a canonical tag and find out which page should be indexed based on the location42979
IP Address Geolocation Tool
41#IPToolsFreeIdentify user's geographical location using ip address or domain name lookup42979
Schema Generator for Businesses
41#SchemaToolsFreeGet Found in the Cloud - Generator | JSON-LD Generator | DIY SEO42979
41#RankTrackingFreeA free and open-source rank tracker to monitor websites ranking and improve your SEO performance42979
41#SEOToolsFreeTool for checking domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) and moz rank.42979
Google Business Review Link Gen
41#LocalSEOToolsFreeGenerates a unique Google Review link for your business43160
Unamo SEO Tool
41#SEOToolsTrialGet actionable data on keyword rankings, backlinks, and competitors to ultimately boost your traffic42979
SEO Redirect Checker
41#WebsiteAuditFreeThe redirect checker enables you to check if an URL / Page is redirected42979
41#WebsiteAuditFreeCheck out your pages for search engine optimisation43989
41#CROToolsFreemiumHeatmaps, Popup Forms, SEO Checker, User Session Recordings43989
Outbound Links Checker Tool
40#SEOToolsFreeShows all the outbound links for any given page42979
WW On-Page SEO Optimization Tool
40#WebsiteAuditFreeEasily identify and fix on-page errors.42979
Keyword Suggestion Tool
40#KeywordResearchFreeDelivers related words and phrases pulled from actual search query data42979
Link Analysis Report
40#LinkBuildingFreeLets you see who is linking to a particular web page.42979
Pages Indexed and Inbound Links
40#LinkBuildingFreeShows how many unique pages are indexed, as well as how many backlinks it has42979
RainmakerDigital Platform
40#MarketingSuiteTrialContent marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing and more. Scribe by Copyblogger integrated.42979
SEO Multi-page information Tool
40#SEOToolsFreeShows the page title, meta description and meta keywords, H1 and canonical tags for up to six pages42979
Single Page Analyzer
40#WebsiteAuditFreeIdentify the best keywords used on your competitors' top-ranking pages42979
Top Ranked Websites by Keyword
40#KeywordResearchFreeFind out who your top competitors are for each keyword42979
Bulk Alexa Rank Checker
40#SEOToolsFreeShows the current position of multiple websites in Alexa ranking system. Imput up to 500 domains.42979
40#RankTrackingFreemiumTrack Keyword Rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing. Must-have Software for SEO Experts and Marketers43678
Google Maps Plugin
40#LocalSEOToolsPaidDisplay custom Google Maps. Set markers and locations with text, images, categories and links42979
40#SEOToolsFreeFree SEO tools for you to use. Take them, use them, and even build new tools out of them42979
VisualSEO Studio
40#WebsiteAuditFreemiumA desktop SEO Software with an innovative visual approach to Search Engine Optimization42979
WW Search Engine Spider Simulator
40#WebsiteAuditFreeMimics search engine spiders by letting you see a web page as a search bot.42979
Zadroweb SEO Auditor
40#WebsiteAuditFreeScan your website in seconds for common SEO fixes and results such as organic keywords & meta tags42979
GSA SEO Indexer
40#SEOToolsFreemiumGet your webpage into the major engines42979
40#SEOToolsPaidEasy SEO tools for small businesses42979
Netpeak Checker
40#SEOToolsTrialA research tool for bulk SEO analysis that helps you check URLs by a wide range of parameters42979
40#LinkBuildingDemoHelps with backlink anchor text. Uses 100% white hat methods to protect from algorithm changes42979
HTML Sitemap Generator
40#SitemapToolsFreeA free online tool to create HTML, XML sitemap, Improve your website visibility in Search engines42979
Bulk Page Authority Checker
40#SEOToolsFreeBulk PA (Page Authority) Checker42979
39#SEOToolsPaidAll-in-One SEO platform, allows you to create diverse, client-safe and recurring campaigns in minutes42979
WW Page Comparison
39#WebsiteAuditFreeCompares page title, meta keyword phrases, meta description, headings, etc.. Up to 5 websites.42979
39#SEOToolsPaidA SEO and lead generation platform42979
Email Address Image Generator
39#EmailMarketingFreeConverts a text-based e-mail address and creates a picture that can be placed on a web page42979
39#MarketingSuiteDemoSEO Tool Suite including backlinks analysis, CRM, Link Monitoring, Website Audit, Content Assessment42979
Local Keyword Research Tool
39#LocalSEOToolsFreeHelp you generate ideas for local keywords/search terms that you want your website to rank for42979
IPLocation Alexa Traffic Rank Check
39#SEOToolsFreeBased on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users43678
39#SEOToolsPaidSEO for your AngularJS, EmberJS, or BackboneJS website42979
Extract Domain from URL Disavow
39#SEOToolsFreeExtract Domain from URL and generate disavow file with advanced TLD filter and google disavow tool42979
SEO Content Editor
39#ContentToolsFreeFocus on writing GREAT content while the tool will calculate your SEO score42979
39#SEOToolsTrialAll-in-one SEO platform. Made for busy founders and marketers43678
Seoptimer Robots.txt Generator
39#CodeToolsFreeAllows you to easily product a robots.txt file for your website based on inputs42979
URL and Link Extractor
39#SEOToolsFreeWorld's simplest web link extractor. Extract links43191
39#SEOToolsFreeThe most accurate SERP snippet generator43678
39#CROToolsPaidImproves your website SEO through automatic A/B testing and data science42979
Link Juice Recovery Tool
39#LinkBuildingPaidRecover lost links with this link reclamation tool42979
38#RankTrackingTrialA thoughtfully designed SEO Rank Tracker with accuracy, speed and Simplicity.42979
Browser Details
38#BrowserToolsFreeFind out your browser details42979
Bulk Moz Metrics Checker
38#SEOToolsFreeBulk checking up to 20 URLs at once finding domain authority DA, page authority PA, moz rank42979
HTTP Header Viewer
38#WebsiteToolsFreeLets you see the http headers for any specified URL42979
Inbound Link Checker Tool
38#LinkBuildingFreemiumGet a list of quality backlinks / inbound links to your website42979
Text Only Cache
38#CacheToolsFreeBookmarklet where you can see a text only google cache version of a website42979
Whois Domain Name Checker
38#WhoisLookupToolsFreeFast Whois Domain Name Checker. No captcha42979
WW Advanced URL List Cleaner Tool
38#SEOToolsFreeClean up your URL lists. This will leave one URL per domain or choose to only receive unique URLs42979
Bulk Whois Lookup Tool
38#WhoisLookupToolsFreeHelps you to check to see who is the owner of a given domain. Check up to 500 at once.42979
Inspyder InSite
38#WebsiteAuditTrialCheck any website for spelling mistakes, broken links and SEO problems42979
Mondovo Website Audit
38#WebsiteAuditTrialCloud based website audit software that inspects the SEO aspects of all your webpages42979
38#KeywordResearchFreemiumFind and analyze easy to rank long-tail keywords. Use them for SEO, PPC and content creation43678
Bulk Meta Robots Checker
38#SEOToolsFreeThe robots meta tag is used to handle page-level: indexing content, indexing links, indexing images42979
Seer's SEO Toolbox
38#SEOToolsFreeAn all-in-one toolbox made for SEOs42979
Bulk Trust Flow and Citation Flow
38#SEOToolsFreeTrust Flow Checker will check Majestic TF and CF, check bulk trust flow and citation flow42979
Hreflang Tags Testing Tool
38#WebsiteAuditFreeCheck if hreflang tags for a page (HTML and HTTP headers), and/or in an XML Sitemap, are correct42979
38#SEOToolsPaidGet full visibility on search engines, social networks and display advertising of any AJAX website42979
Bulk Alexa Rank Checker
38#SEOToolsFreeFree bulk Alexa rank checker, check up to 100 domains in one click42979
38#WebsiteAuditFreemiumBoost the SEO, speed and security of your website. Test for broken links, duplicate titles, much more..43361
Robots.txt Testing Tool
37#WebsiteAuditFreeTest your robots.txt with this testing tool42979
WW On-page SEO Analysis
37#WebsiteAuditFreeAnalyzes title tags, header tags and meta descriptions and gives a content analysis and SEO report42979
Bulk DA and PA Checker
37#SEOToolsFreeUp to 50 URLS. Bulk Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority (PA)42979
Bulk Domain Age Checker
37#DomainNameToolsFreeHelps you to quickly find out domain registration date, expiration date and name of registrar42979
Bulk DA and PA Checker
37#SEOToolsFreeBulk Moz Rank, Domain and Page Authority Checker. Up to 75 URLS42979
37#SEOToolsPaidRank tracking, onsite optimization, backlinks management, keyword research tools and more42979
Extract Page Names from URLs
37#SEOToolsFreePaste in a set of URLs and this tool will isolate the descriptive text at the end of each URL42979
SEO Crawler
37#WebsiteAuditFreeA free, fast & flexible SEO website crawler to help identify technical SEO issues. 42979
37#KeywordResearchFreeHelps you to find every single concept, entity and N-Gram related to your topic or keyword43160
UpCity Agency Software
37#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Tools: Rank Tracking, Website Audit, Backlinks, Local, Content Curation, more42979
Bulk URL Status Code Checker
37#WebsiteToolsFreemiumHeadmasterSEO. A software tool for bulk checking the response headers of large lists of URLs.42979
37#MarketingSuitePaidAll-in-one SEO suite including backlinks, keyword research, monitoring, reporting, rank tracking42979
Keyword Suggestion Tool
37#KeywordResearchFreeFind the most searched keywords with the keyword suggestions tool42979
Bulk Domain Age Checker
37#DomainNameToolsFreeBulk domain age checker and wayback checker42979
37#WebsiteAuditTrialThe On Page Tool That Gives you an unfair SEO advantage43678
37#VideoToolsPaidGrow Your YouTube Views with Video SEO43678
Fetch and Render as any Bot
36#WebsiteAuditFreeSEO tool to fetch and render a webpage as any bot.42979
36#WebsiteAuditFreemiumAll in one SEO tool. Rank Tracking, Website Auditor, Competitor Analysis, Backlinks, Keyword Research42979
36#ContentToolsDemoThe Data Science-Driven SEO and Content Marketing Platform for Agencies and Enterprises42979
Email to Image Converter Tool
36#SEOToolsFreeWill translate any email address into an image that can be used on a website42979
Ultrasuggest Keyword Tool
36#KeywordResearchFreeGet a comprehensive list of Google Suggest Data for a specific keyword with our Keyword Tool42979
Bulk IP to Location Lookup
36#IPToolsFreeEnter all the IP addresses you want and see their location, city, region, country, and coordinates.42979
36#KeywordResearchFreeCompetitor Keyword Research Tool for SEO and PPC campaign the best keyword competition data42979
SEO Toolbox by OnCrawl
36#SEOToolsFreeUse the best free tools for on-page website audit and technical SEO42979
36#MarketingSuitePaid45+ SEO tools for Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Backlinks, Lead Gen, Expired Domain Scraper42979
Webbee SEO Spider Tool
36#WebsiteAuditTrialBest seo software to crawl a website or to retrieve competitor keywords42979
SEOMonitor Topic Explorer
36#KeywordResearchFreemiumOur keyword research tool links keywords semantically, not just by phrase patterns42979
SER Domain Authority Checker
36#SEOToolsFreeCheck the MOZ Domain Authority score (One URL at a time)43678
LRT Power|Trust Extension
36#BrowserToolsFreeLRT Power*Trust extension is the perfect replacement for Google's Toolbar PageRank42979
LRT SEO Toolbar
36#BrowserToolsFreemiumGet a thorough SEO analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format.42979
36#SEOTOolsFreeFree SEO Tool, On-Page SEO, Broken Link Checker, Hreflang Checker. Firefox and Chrome extension43989
36#SpreadsheetToolsFreeLearn how to make SEO tools, automate boring tasks and up your marketing game43989
36#WebsiteAuditFreemiumGet content ideas, pages to improve, SEO tests, track keyword rankings with Google Search Console43989
35#SEOToolsFreemiumAll-In-One Automation for SEO Professionals42979
35#LinkBuildingPaidEffective and affordable Seo services and Quality link building services42979
Bulk Google Pagerank Checker
35#SEOToolsFreeLets you see the Pagerank of up to 500 URLs at once.42979
Bulk Social Page Authority Checker
35#SocialMediaToolsFreeThe tool displays the social media authority and social media interactions for every submitted URL42979
Bulk HTTP Header Checker
35#WebsiteToolsFreeEnables you to check the HTTP status code for multiple URLs. Check up to 10 at a time.42979
Bulk Response URL Checker
35#WebsiteToolsFreeCheck up to 50 urls at once42979
Google SERP Simulator
35#SEOToolsFreeProvides a Google snippet preview to check how title tags and meta descriptions are displayed42979
SEO Crawler
35#WebsiteAuditFreeTest a complete website for OnPage SEO factors.42979
Seoptimer htaccess File Generator
35#CodeToolsFreeWill take inputs to produce a .htaccess file you can upload to your website42979
Seoptimer Ping Tester
35#WebsiteAuditFreeWill ping your website to determine if there is a response and the length of time of the response42979
Seoptimer W3C Validator
35#CodeToolsFreeChecks your website to determine whether it complies with the W3C specification42979
Wordpress Theme Detector
35#WordpressToolsFreeFind out which theme, plugins and version currently being used in any WordPress based site42979
AtomSEO Broken Link Checker
35#LinkBuildingFreemium?heck your website for broken and dead links. Get 404 pages and url report43678
Bulk W3C Validator
35#CodeToolsFreeAn easy way to check W3C HTML, XHTML, HTML5 markup of multiple URLs. Up to 500 URLs at once.42979
Keep-Alive Validation SEO Tool
35#SEOToolsFreeChecks if a website supports a persistant connection43160
35#SEOToolsTrialAccess to more enterprise level SERP data than any tool has ever offered.42979
35#ScraperToolsDemoScraper of search engines, WordStat, Whois, PR, YouTube, Alexa, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, etc42979
CampaignDrive by Pica9
35#LocalSEOToolsPaidLocal marketing automation software42979
RankRanger SEO Tools
35#SEOToolsFree10 free SEO tools that let you do anything from keyword research to running a site analysis43989
WP Social SEO Pro
34#SocialMediaToolsPaidAllows You to have complete Social Media Optimization and Social Media SEO via Social Signals42979
Bulk Domain Authority Checker
34#SEOToolsFreeCheck up to 200 URLs at once to see the page authority, domain authority, MozRank and link totals.42979
34#RankTrackingPaidGives you hourly, accurate updates to your SEO Keyword Rankings42979
SEO List Crawler
34#WebsiteAuditFreeThe SEO List Crawler to quickly perform a SEO check on a list of URL42979
34#RankTrackingPaidAn SEO tool that helps professional internet marketers track their keyword rankings42979
34#RankTrackingTrialKeep track of your Google rankings and on-page SEO efforts42979
Bulk Domain Drop Date Checker
34#DomainNameToolsFreeCovers all domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and more42979
Spotibo SEO Audit Tool
34#WebsiteAuditFreemiumAnalyze on-page factors of your website in just one click.43678
WPMapPlugins Interactive US Map
34#WordpressToolsTrialSEO friendly fast loading professional looking interactive US map with 50 clickable states plus DC43678
Bulk Facebook Share Count Checker
34#SocialMediaToolsFreeCheck the number of times a specific URL is shared on Facebook42979
34#WebsiteAuditFreemiumSEO Audit. Search engine optimization issues are now easy to fix43678
34#LocalSEOToolsPaidFind any local ranking on the map, across an entire city. Compare search results43678
Rankd SEO
34#LinkBuildingPaidHuge backlink and guestpost database.43989
Keyword List Multiplier
33#KeywordResearchFreeUse variables in different columns, automatically multiplying and combining into new phrases42979
Related Keywords Finder
33#KeywordResearchFreeFind related unique keywords with low SEO competitio42979
Bulk Nameserver Checker
33#IPToolsFreeCheck up to 500 domains at once to see what nameservers and IP addresses are assigned to them42979
Seorch Keyword Monitor
33#RankTrackingFreemiumMonitor your search engine rankings every day and track your rankings over time.42979
33#SEOToolsFreemiumAll-In-One WordPress SEO Plugin to get more targeted traffic42979
Broken Link Extractor
33#LinkBuildingFreeFind broken links. Will display status codes for each offsite link the tool can follow42979
Search Commander Site Review
33#WebsiteAuditFreeGet an instant SEO Site Review of your “on page” organic ranking factors42979
Article Spinner
33#ArticleSpinnersFreeSpin your content/article fast and instant42979
Bulk HTTP Header Checker
33#WebsiteToolsFreeShows you the HTTP response header code and any redirect chain for an entire list of URLs42979
33#SEOToolsTrialSEO analysis and management tool42979
33#SEOToolsFreemiumOur premium SEO tools will help you become a better marketer42979
Plagiarism Checker Tool
33#DuplicateContentFreeInstant tool to analyze your assignments, documents, web pages and text for plagiarism issues42979
Google Local Search Results Tool
33#LocalSEOToolsFreeCheck local search results from any location on in English42979
Google SERPs Extractor
33#BookmarkletsFreeExtract a list of URLs from a Google web search for a particular search query42979
33#LocalSEOToolsFreemiumPublishes your business details in all the places that matter online42979
33#SEOToolsTrialRank your websites the fastest way42979
33#SEOToolsFreemiumLog analysis for SEO Real time. Free. Easy43361
33#SEOToolsTrialCreates a list of every action that visitors have taken on and off of your website43989
33#LinkBuildingPaidLink Building Services for SEOs and Marketing Agencies43989
33#WebsiteAuditFreeA Web Crawler tool to scan the websites URLs and check their technical SEO for errors and correct them43989
Northcutt SEO Tools
33#SEOToolsFreeBacklink Checker, Keyword Tools, Header/Tag Tools, IP Tools, Misc Tools, Code Tools43989
Bulk AMP Validator
32#MiscToolsFreeUse this tool to check if one or more URLs are valid Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or not42979
Domain Name Filter
32#DomainNameToolsFreeHelpful if you have a large list of domains and only want to see the ones with a particular feature.42979
32#KeywordResearchInviteTheme-based Keyword Research Workspace for SEO Professionals. Automatic Keyword Grouping.43191
SEO Camel
32#WebsiteAuditFreemiumA very useful SEO checker site and analysis tool42979
Seorch SEO OnPage Comparison
32#WebsiteAuditFreeCompare the OnPage factors of top ranking websites for a given keyword.42979
Activate Links in Excel Macro
32#FilesToolsFreeThis Microsoft Excel Add-in will make all of the links in a spreadsheet “live”42979
32#LinkBuildingFreeFree backlink checker and link research software for SEO experts and website owners42979
Question Keyword Generator
32#KeywordResearchFreeGenerate Questions that are asked by users and answer them on your website42979
32#SEOToolsFreeSEO extension for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Shows actual SERP changes42979
32#SEOToolsFreeCheck HTTP Status Codes, redirect locations and number of chained redirects in bulk42979
Bulk W3C CSS Validator
32#CodeToolsFreeAn easy way to check W3C CSS of multiple URLs. Up to 500 URLs at once.42979
Mobile Friendly Bulk Test
32#MobileMarketingFreeTest up to 50 URL's at once for mobile friendliness42979
XML Sitemap Generator
32#SitemapToolsFreeQuickly and easily generate an XML Sitemap with alternate (media and/or hreflang) tags42979
Bulk Check Google Indexed Pages
32#SEOToolsFreeBulk check a list of domains to see which is indexed in Google and which is not42979
32#SEOToolsFreeGoogle SERP preview in real time as you edit your website HTML title and meta description copy42979
32#SEOToolsTrialAutomate your SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM clients’ daily, weekly, or monthly reporting and analytics43989
31#ArticleSpinnersFreecreate content unique from a article, Only copy & paste and submit, content for SEO. Up to 1000 words42979
Seoptimer Responsiveness Checker
31#WebsiteAuditFreeShows what your website will look like at different resolutions to ensure that it is usable on all devices42979
Google Rank Checker
31#RankTrackingFreeShows the Google Top 100 (+/-) search results for a given keyword42979
SERP Snippet Optimization Tool
31#SEOToolsFreeSimulate the appearance of your Website in the Google Search results.42979
Bulk Domain Availability Checker
31#DomainNameToolsFreeCheck domain name availability of a list of up to 500 domains at once42979
31#PingToolsFreePings the largest search engines with a URL address42979
Google+ Profile Engagement Checker
31#SocialMediaToolsFreeUse the G+ engagement checker to see how people interact with your business page/personal profile42979
Seoptimer Meta Tag Generator
31#CodeToolsFreeThe meta tag generator will create description, keyword and other important meta tags for you 42979
Bulk Alexa Rank Checker
31#SEOToolsFreeA free online tool to bulk check Alexa Ranking42979
LRT Redirect Trace Extension
31#BrowserToolsFreeAdvanced, comprehensive and most important correct analysis of links, redirects, and Rel-Canonicals42979
31#KeywordResearchTrialKeyword research software to Find low competition, long tail keywords in minutes42979
31#SEOToolsFreemiumInstantly view the most important SEO metrics straight under your search results42979
Bulk Google and Bing Index Checker
30#SEOToolsFreeShows if domains are not indexed. Input up to 500 URL's42979
Bulk Social Share Count
30#SocialMediaToolsFreeUseful for comparing your site with others to see how they are growing within social networks.42979
nTopic Writer
30#ContentToolsFreeImprove your onsite SEO for topical relevancy and increase organic search engine traffic42979
Online Grammar Checker Pro
30#ContentToolsFreeGrammar errors and mistakes analyzing tool to detect and fix the error for different 32 languages42979
Bulk Google Index Checker
30#SEOToolsFreeCheck Domain Indexing in Google of Multiple Sites42979
Bulk Majestic Checker
30#SEOToolsFreeBulk check trust flow and citation flow. Need proxies to plug in42979
Grammar Checker
30#ContentToolsFreeYour one-stop SEO tool for your grammar and English writing concerns to improve your online content42979
Bulk Domain to Location Lookup
30#IPToolsFreeEnter all the domains you want to check and you will get the location of all of them in moments.42979
CSV File Merger
30#FilesToolsFreeSelect multiple CSV files to merge them together42979
URL Extractor
30#SEOToolsFreeExtract Links from URL/Domain42979
Keyword Position Check
30#RankTrackingFreeTrack the current ranking of your website in search engines42979
Add|Remove|Replace Line Breaks
30#SEOToolsFreeUse this tool when you want to remove/replace line breaks online42979
Bulk Trademark Search
29#TrademarkToolsFreeCheck trademark up to 500 different words or phrases at once & get your answers quickly & free.42979
SEMRush Rank and Metrics Checker
29#SEOToolsFreeThis tool shows following Semrush metrics42979
29#VideoToolsFreemiumYouTube Video Marketing Tools. Integrated Video SEO and Video Marketing Platform42979
Pagination prev/next Testing Tool
28#MiscToolsFreeAllows you to quickly check if these tags are correctly implemented on a paginated series42979
Onpage Links Bookmarklet
28#BookmarkletsFreeOnpage Links bookmarklet by Online Sales displays the links from any given page42979
Letter Case Converter
28#ContentToolsFreeConvert to all caps, lower case, sentence case or title case.42979
SER Page Authority Checker
28#SEOToolsFreeCheck the MOZ Page Authorizy score of your page by entering up to ten URLs43678
Backlink Extractor Tool
28#LinkBuildingFreeBacklink Extractor is a web-based backlink extracting tool to lookup and export backlinks42979
Locale Adaptive Pages Testing Tool
28#ContentToolsFreeTest that your content being server is adapted based on perceived location (IP Address)42979
Add Prefix and/or Suffixes
28#ContentToolsFreeAdd text to the beginning and end of lines of text or domain names that you have.42979
DIY SEO Audit Tool
28#WebsiteAuditFreeWebsite Audit Tool to get an instant report with actionable insights on getting more customers.43160
28#WebsiteAuditFreemiumA website architecture, optimisation, content checking, internal links and SEO tool42979
Collect URL
28#SEOToolsFreeCollect URL Developed by Sujoy Dhar. Extract links, embeds, images, scripts, and iframes Free42979
28#SEOToolsFreeBulk Alexa Rank Checker. Supports up to 200 urls at once42979
28#SEOToolsTrialOptimize your content, analyze your results and test your site's SEO43989
Bulk Wayback Machine Checker
27#CacheToolsFreeGreat for seeing which domains are accessible by the Wayback Machine.42979
Remove Duplicate Lines
27#ContentToolsFreeIt removes duplicate lines, spaces, and tabs in any kind of text. Also removes specific words42979
Bulk Email Address Scraper
27#EmailMarketingFreeWill find email addresses on the URLs you need42979
Text to Speech Converter
27#MiscToolsFreeWeb-based service to convert unlimited text (English) into the mp3 audio file42979
27#AutomationToolsDemoAdvanced intelligence and automation for content marketers and SEOs43678
Domain Authority DA Checker
27#SEOTOolsFreeCheck Domain Authority and Page Authority of 200 Domains in one go43989
SEO Title Tag 3.0
26#SEOToolsFreeWordpress plugin that lets you optmize your title tags in minutes42979
26#WebsiteAuditFreeProfessional SEO Audit in just seconds, High quality Website analyzer and High end SEO Tools43160
Cloudboss Pro
26#MiscToolsTrialWorlds safest SEO hosting solution42979
Google Image Search URL Extractor
26#ImageToolsFreeExtract Google's Image Search URLs. Extract the image domain, image URL, source domain, source URL42979
URL List Cleaner
26#SEOToolsFreeThis tool helps you filter lists of URLs. Removes duplicate URLs and Domains. Remove variations, etc43191
Alexa Rank Checker
26#RankTrackingFreeQuick Alexa rank tracking tool with traffic charts to analyze Alexa web traffic for any web page42979
Ping Website Tool
26#PingToolsFreePing tool to inform the search engines to crawl and index the new and fresh content of your website42979
26#SEOToolsPaidSimple SEO Software for Small Business43989
Screen Resolution Simulator
25#MiscToolsFreeCheck your website in different screen resolutions42979
Bulk HTTP Status Checker
25#SEOToolsFreeA simple & clean HTTP status checker for either a given set of URLs. Check up to 1000 at a time42979
Link Analyzer Tool
25#WebsiteAuditFreeAnalyze the entire internal and external links pointed to your domain with single click42979
Second Page Poaching API
25#SEOToolsFreemiumWill capture 2nd page rankings on your site and increase PageRank flow to those pages42979
Social Signal Checker
25#SocialMediaToolsFreeSuper-fast, free and instant tool to calculate social signals of any webpage42979
Bulk Whois Lookup
25#WhoisLookupToolsFreeUp to 15 Whois look ups at once.42979
SEOScout SERP Simulator
25#SEOToolsFreeGoogle SERP Simulator: Preview + Optimize your Serp Snippets43989
CSV File Merger
24#FilesToolsFreeMerges CSV files automatically42979
On-page SEO Analysis
24#WebsiteAuditFreeAnalyse a number of core on-page SEO factors for any given URL or block of HTML42979
Bulk Alexa Rank Checker
24#SEOToolsFreeGives you the current position of your website according to the criteria of alexa ranking system42979
Screen Resolution Checker
24#MiscToolsFreeEnables you to test your website for different screen resolutions such as desktop, android and iPhone42979
23#LocalSEOToolsPaidLocal business citations management tool. Remove duplicate listings and update/add your business43160
Search Engine Spider Simulator
23#WebsiteAuditFreeCheck how web crawlers see your site42979
Check SEO Stats for Guest Post
23#LinkBuildingPaidBefore writing a guest post for a blog, check to see if it is in good standing42979
Page Title Preview
23#SEOToolsFreeCheck how your title and description might look on Google, Facebook & Twitter42979
23#WebsiteAuditFremiumPowerful cloud based app you can use to find On Page SEO issues on your site43989
SEOToolLab Cora
23#SEOToolsPaidExpert level SEO Diagnostics tool that measures up to 2040 ranking factors43989
23#SEOToolsPaidGroup Buy SEO Tools43989
Bulk Social Media Scraper
22#SocialMediaToolsFreeHelps you quickly gather the social media profiles associated with any domain42979
Website Review Tool
22#WebsiteAuditFreeReview the content of your website, loading speed, meta tags, link percentages, and much more42979
22#MonitoringToolsFreemiumSet over 100 alarms to keep you in the loop on notable changes in your index, links, site speed, etc42979
Alexa Website Comparison Tool
22#SEOToolsFreeCompare the daily reach and rank on Alexa across 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 3 years42979
SureOak SEO Tools
22#SEOToolsFreeYour one-stop shop for online SEO tools. Sitemaps, Keyword Tools, Domain Authority Checker, more43989
Related Keywords Finder
21#KeywordResearchFreeA tool that helps you to find hundreds of keywords42979
21#KeywordResearchFreeGenerate tons of keywords for your online marketing campaigns and SEO in minutes42979
21#SEOToolsTrialThe SEO Tool that shows you how to change the text on your website to get better Keyword rankings42979
Skype Resolver
20#VideoToolsFreeGet all the details you need about Skype users42979
Keyword Generator Tool
20#KeywordResearchFreeFind Perfect Keywords For Your Site And Target Them42979
20#SEOToolsFreemiumGenerate timely targeted traffic from YahooAnswers42979
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Bulk Majestic Checker
18#SEOToolsFreeCheck trust and citation flow. Use anon proxies for it to work42979
Wordpress Theme Detector
18#WordpressToolsFreeDetect the theme of a particular Wordpress website42979
Bulk AVG Antivirus Checker
17#WebsiteAuditFreeWill help you find out if your website is affected by a virus. Up to 20 urls42979
Domain Hosting Checker
17#WebsiteAuditFreeWill allow you to check the website hosting of a domain42979
17#SEOToolsFreeMoz Rank Checker Tool - Check Domain Authority, Page Authority, External Links, Mozrank43678
16#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Tools to Discover & track your competitors, social presence, keywords & backlinks within seconds42979
16#SEOTOolsFreeMore than 60 Free SEO Tools to help keep track of your SEO issues43678
15#RankTrackingTrialSay Hello to the World's simplest SEO Rank Tracker.42979
15#DomainNameToolsPaidMethod of acquiring the desired domain(s) before anyone else42979
CrawlCenter SEO Tools
13#SEOToolsFreeFree tools for SEO professionals and webmasters43989
11#ContentToolsDemoHelps brands get in top publications. Bringing content marketing, PR and SEO strategy together43191
SEOMegaTools Mozrank Checker
11#SEOToolsFreeCheck moz rankings like domain authority, page authority, and backlink. One URL at a time.43678
10#MonitoringToolsPaidWe will monitor your pages (or your competitor) and email you if a change is detected42979
1#SEOToolsFreeText content tools, Keyword Tools, Backlink Tools, Website Management Tools, and more43989

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