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NamePATag FilterPriceFunctionalityDate Added
78#SEOToolsTrialBoost traffic and revenue with a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis toolsSep-17
65#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Toolset. Backlinks, competitor analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, website audit, alerts…Sep-17
59#KeywordResearchFreemiumUnveil your competitors' most profitable Ad copies & keywordsSep-17
59#CompetitorToolsFreemiumFind your competitors most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic searchSep-17
Connexity HitWise
57#DataToolsPaidCompetitor PPC and SEO intelligence dataSep-17
56#MarketingSuitePaidSEO Tools, Website Audits, Backlinks Data, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Competitor ResearchSep-17
IBM Cognos Analytics
55#SocialMediaToolsTrialSocial media analytics that helps you achieve a holistic view of consumers, market and competitorsSep-17
55#MarketingSuiteFreemiumSEO Tools, Keyword Research, Website Audit, Backlinks, Rank Tracking, Analytics, Competitor ResearchSep-17
54#KeywordResearchFreemiumDiscover the best keywords and your competitors weaknesses with our keyword analysis toolSep-17
54#SocialMediaToolsTrialMedia monitoring tool that lets you track social mentions, analyze competitors, find influencers, etc.Sep-17
53#MarketingSuiteDemoSEO Platform, Rank Tracking, Competitor Research, Website Audit, Reporting, Content Strategy, moreSep-17
53#SocialMediaToolsPaidAnalyze your profiles - and your competitors. With KPIs, analyses and reports.Sep-17
52#CompetitorToolsPaidFind Profitable keywords faster with competitor ppc keyword lists Sep-17
SEMrush Backlinks
52#LinkBuildingFreemiumHelps you to discover everything about your and competitors backlinks.Sep-17
52#MarketingSuiteFreemiumSEO, PPC, Backlinks, Rank Tracking, Keywords, Competitor Analysis, Website Audit, Content MarketingSep-17
52#MonitoringToolsTrialGet realtime alerts anytime your brand, clients or competitors are mentioned on TwitterSep-17
50#AdvertisingToolsDemoUnderstand your campaign performance vs competitors for text ads, PLA and SEO.Sep-17
50#CompetitorToolsFreemiumMarket and competitive intelligence tools for marketing, sales, and product managementSep-17
50#CompetitorToolsDemoSearch for campaigns by advertiser, see where creatives are running and perform competitive analysisSep-17
Buzzsumo Crisis Alerting
49#MonitoringToolsFreemiumSet up alerts for your brand, competitors, keywords, authors, domains, backlinks, trending contentApr-18
49#SEOToolsFreemiumUncover SEO backlinks & traffic sources of your competitorsSep-17
SEMrush Social Media Tool
49#CompetitorToolsFreemiumA powerful tool for competitive analysis of your and your competitors' social media profiles.Sep-17
Ahrefs Content Gap
48#KeywordResearchTrialFind the keywords your competitors rank for, but you don't.Sep-17
Ahrefs Link Intersect
48#LinkBuildingTrialFind the sites linking to your competitors but not to you.Sep-17
SEMrush Domain vs. Domain
48#CompetitorToolsFreemiumUse SEMrush Big Data visualizations to conduct a deep, fast competitive analysis!Sep-17
48#LinkBuildingFreemiumScrutinize links to your site, clean-up your backlink profile or steal a competitors backlink secretsSep-17
Backlink Checker Tool47#LinkBuildingFreemiumDiscover backlinks to your website or to any competitor websiteSep-17
47#SocialMediaToolsPaidMetrics, optimization, competitor comparison, more for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTubeSep-17
UpCity SEO Report Card
46#SEOToolsFreeIn exchange for contact information, will analyze your site and see how it ranks vs competitorsSep-18
46#ECommerceToolsFreemiumAmazon seller tools to find keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, optimize product listingsJun-20
SEMrush Advertising Research
45#CompetitorToolsFreemiumUse SEMrush Competitive Intelligence and achieve maximum ROI from your PPC campaigns.Sep-17
SEMrush Keyword Difficulty
45#KeywordResearchFreemiumDiscover which keywords will help seize your competitors positions in the Google or Bing top 100!Sep-17
SEO Rank Monitor
45#RankTrackingTrialBoost Your Rankings, Track Your Competitors, and Monitor SEO Performance.Sep-17
SE Competitor Analysis
45#SEOToolsFreemiumDiscover your competitors keywords and ads for paid and organic searchSep-17
Buzzsumo Competitor Intelligence
44#CompetitorToolsTrialKeep tabs on your competitors. Find out what content is getting traction for them and who is sharingApr-18
CognitiveSEO SiteExplorer
44#LinkBuildingFreemiumResearch links, spot growth opportunities and investigate rankings for your site and competitorsSep-17
44#CompetitorToolsPaidWebsite Profiler, Lead Generation, Market Research and Competitive Intelligence toolSep-17
44#EmailMarketingFreemiumBuild and optimize your email program, track and report on competitors. Competitive InsightsMar-18
AMZ Tracker
43#RankTrackingPaidAmazon Rank Tracker, Keyword Tools, Competitor Spying, Promotion Groups and MoreSep-17
Link Building Query Generator
43#SEOToolsFreeEnter information about your brand, your competitors and this tool will generate link building queriesSep-17
43#MarketingSuitePaidAll-in-One SEO Toolkit. Rank Tracking, Backlinks, Competitor Research, Website Auditor, KeywordsSep-17
Keyword Eye
43#KeywordResearchFreemiumHundreds of Profitable Keywords in Seconds. Google, Youtube, Amazon, Competitor keywords, etc..Sep-17
43#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO tools. Rank Tracking, Competitor insights, Backlinks, Website Audit. Formerly PositionlySep-17
42#CompetitorToolsFreemiumA super-charged keyword difficulty and SEO competitive analysis tool.Sep-17
42#CompetitorToolsTrialTrack competitors strategies, analyze your online competition, benchmark competitive Kpis, etcSep-17
Follow.net41#CompetitorToolsFreemiumSee competitive intelligence information on any website and follow their activities with FollowSep-17
41#CompetitorToolsPaidGet notified whenever a prospect engages with your competitionSep-17
PI Datametrics
41#RankTrackingDemoAllows you to track your own or competitors rankings over timeSep-17
Unamo SEO Tool
41#SEOToolsTrialGet actionable data on keyword rankings, backlinks, and competitors to ultimately boost your trafficSep-17
41#CompetitorToolsDemoKeep Track of Your Competitor's Most Profitable Ad CampaignsMar-18
Single Page Analyzer
40#WebsiteAuditFreeIdentify the best keywords used on your competitors' top-ranking pagesSep-17
Top Ranked Websites by Keyword
40#KeywordResearchFreeFind out who your top competitors are for each keywordSep-17
WW Social Media Tool + Authorship
40#SocialMediaToolsFreeFind out how often your (or your competitors') articles are being shared and get the authorship data.Sep-17
WW C Class IP Checker Tool
37#IPToolsFreeAnalyze backlinks to any of your competitors to identify site networks that have the same c-class IP.Sep-17
Unamo Social Media Monitoring
37#MonitoringToolsTrialMonitor your brand, manage your reputation, keep track of your competitors and gain new clients.Sep-17
37#CompetitorToolsPaidKeep track of competitors’ online activity, by monitoring all their online channelsJun-20
36#WebsiteAuditFreemiumAll in one SEO tool. Rank Tracking, Website Auditor, Competitor Analysis, Backlinks, Keyword ResearchSep-17
36#RankTrackingPaidCheck your website positions and analyze your competitors in popular search enginesSep-17
36#KeywordResearchFreeCompetitor Keyword Research Tool for SEO and PPC campaign the best keyword competition dataSep-17
Webbee SEO Spider Tool
36#WebsiteAuditTrialBest seo software to crawl a website or to retrieve competitor keywordsSep-17
36#CompetitorToolsPaidCompetitive Intelligence Tool For Native AdvertisersSep-17
35#CompetitorToolsPaidReverse engineer your competitors success to virtually guarantee your campaigns succeedSep-17
35#WebsiteAuditFreeWe analyze ALL your competitors rankings and show you the strengths and weaknesses of your pageSep-18
Buzzsumo Monitoring
34#MonitoringToolsTrialTrack your brand mentions, the impact of your competitors content, who is linking to youApr-18
Youtube Channel Comparison Tool
34#VideoToolsFreeCheck how your video strategy comparies to your competitors on Youtube. Lots of comparison metricsMar-18
34#CompetitorToolsPaidDiscover hot ads and copy winning campaigns from 7M+ Native Adverts. 13 Networks. 19 CountriesSep-17
34#EmailMarketingTrialAutomatically captures all emails sent from a competitors website to their mailing listMar-18
31#CompetitorToolsDemoMonitor, Track and Analyse your competitors' marketing efforts in realtimeSep-17
30#SocialMediaToolsFreemiumSocial media analytics, competitor analysis and social media reportingSep-17
29#RankTrackingTrialTrack daily changes of your rankings, get advanced website analytics, track your competitors activity.Sep-17
28#SocialMediaToolsDemoSocial Media Intelligence. Track your competitors, influencers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YoutubeApr-18
Search and Extract Twitter Users
27#SocialMediaToolsFreeFind Twitter Power Users Promoting Your CompetitorsMar-18
26#CompetitorToolsPaidPricing Intelligence and Competitor Monitoring Solutions for retailers and brandsSep-17
16#MarketingSuiteTrialSEO Tools to Discover & track your competitors, social presence, keywords & backlinks within secondsSep-17
10#MonitoringToolsPaidWe will monitor your pages (or your competitor) and email you if a change is detectedSep-17
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