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NamePATag FilterPriceFunctionalityDate Added
66#ScraperToolsFreeChrome plugin that scrapes data out of web pages and into spreadsheets.42979
Xenu Link Sleuth
63#ScraperToolsFreeXenu Link Sleuth is a website auditor for broken links. Desktop program.42979
Web Scraper
62#ScraperToolsFreeA chrome browser extension built for data extraction from web pages42979
Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool
61#ScraperToolsFreemiumDesktop website auditor. Crawl links, images, CSS, more, to evaluate onsite SEO. Find broken links42979
55#ScraperToolsFreeAn open source and collaborative framework for extracting the data you need from websites42979
52#ScraperToolsPaidScrapeBox the Ultimate Link Harvester, Mass Comment Poster with PR Storm and Bulk PA/DA Check42979
50#ScraperToolsTrialWeb Data Extraction Using Artificial Intelligence42979
FaqFox Question Scraper
50#ScraperToolsFreeFind questions your viewers are asking online, free.42979 Web Extractor
50#ScraperToolsTrialWeb data extraction|scraping platform for businesses and individuals42979
50#ScraperToolsFreemiumProvides a cloud-based web crawling platform and data as a service42979
48#ScraperToolsTrialQuickly turn web page content into structured data all without coding42979
45#ScraperToolsFreemiumA cloud-based web crawler that helps you easily extract any web data without coding in real time42979
44#ScraperToolsFreemiumBreaks down webpages, then extracts informational elements and organizes them into usable data42979
44#ScraperToolsFreemiumEasily extract data from any website. Build your own dataset or API, without writing code42979
43#ScraperToolsFreeDiscontinued SEO crawling tool that still works but is not in active development43989
42#ScraperToolsFreemiumEasy Web Scraping Tools and Cloud-Based Web Crawling42979
Visual Web Ripper
42#ScraperToolsTrialA powerful visual tool for automated web scraping, web harvesting and content extraction42979
42#ScraperToolsFreemiumEasily get instant access to large scale structured data from online Discussions, News, Blogs and more42979
42#ScraperToolsFreemiumExtracts data from websites, crawls lists of URLs and automates workflows on the web.43678
41#ScraperToolsFreemiumFind text documents, datasheets, PDF files, presentations from multiple online sources42979
Crawly by Diffbot
41#ScraperToolsFreeCrawly spiders and extracts complete structured data from an entire website42979
40#ScraperToolsFreemiumExplore Web pages or search engine results for pictures and easily create, save, and share42979
GSA Proxy Scraper
40#ProxyToolsFreemiumWindows based, proxy scraping software that can harvest and test thousands of proxies42979
39#ScraperToolsFreeWeb Scraper Chrome extension a free tool to scrape dynamic web pages42979
38#ScraperToolsPaidCloud hosted web scraping app to extract data from web pages, ajax sites, xml, json and more42979
38#ScraperToolsPaidHandles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so you can get the HTML from any web page43989
36#MarketingSuitePaid45+ SEO tools for Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Backlinks, Lead Gen, Expired Domain Scraper42979
35#ScraperToolsDemoScraper of search engines, WordStat, Whois, PR, YouTube, Alexa, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, etc42979
33#ScraperToolsFreemiumAnalyzes the textual content of pages and documents to recognize email addresses, phone numbersÂ…42979
32#ScraperToolsFreemiumExtract, Enrich & Connect ANY data. Web scraping, data extraction and big data refinery tool42979
Scrape Websites for Guest Posts
32#ScraperToolsPaidScrapes the web for dozens of websites that accept guest posts for any given keyword42979
32#ScraperToolsPaidA Web Scraping API that handles proxies and Headless browser for you43989
Inspyder PowerSearch
31#ScraperToolsTrialEasiest way to search and scrape data from virtually any website42979
29#ScraperToolsFreemiumProvides you a web scraping software and a reliable, affordable and established foundation42979
Bulk URL Scraper Tool
28#ScraperToolsFreeSimply add a list of URLs, specify the HTML element you want to retrieve from the page and hit submit42979
Google Suggest Scraper
27#KeywordResearchFreeGoogle Suggest and Autocomplete Scraper will allow you to download search phrases42979
Bulk Email Address Scraper
27#EmailMarketingFreeWill find email addresses on the URLs you need42979
Bulk Social Media Scraper
22#SocialMediaToolsFreeHelps you quickly gather the social media profiles associated with any domain42979
Email Scraper Chief
22#ScraperToolsFreemiumA spider program that can scrape email address from search engine, your site and the internet42979
Website Review Tool
22#WebsiteAuditFreeReview the content of your website, loading speed, meta tags, link percentages, and much more42979
22#ProxyToolsFreemiumCan scrape thousands of proxies from all over the internet.42979
Bulk Facebook Re-Scrape Tool
17#ScraperToolsFreeEnter up to 500 URLs at once and Facebook will scrape or re-scrape all of them at once.42979
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