Cache Tools for Marketers

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NamePATag FilterPriceFunctionalityDate Added
W3 Total Cache Wordpress Plugin
84#CacheToolsFreemiumSearch Engine (SEO) & Performance Optimization (WPO) via caching. CDN, Minify, Page, Object, etc.Sep-17
WP Super Cache
83#CacheToolsFreemiumThis plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blogSep-17
Internet Archive
80#CacheToolsFreeA non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and moreSep-17
Wayback Machine
78#CacheToolsFreeExplore more than 279 billion web pages saved over time Sep-17
Clear Cache
66#CacheToolsFreeQuickly clear your cache with this chrome extensionSep-17
62#CacheToolsFreeA time capsule for web pages. Takes a snapshot of a webpage that will always be onlineMar-18
Varnish Cache
54#CacheToolsFreeA really really fast web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxySep-17
54#CacheToolsPaidSpeed up your WordPress website, more trafic, conversions and moneySep-17 Webpage Capture
53#CacheToolsFreeIt takes a 'snapshot' of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears.Aug-19
51#CDNToolsPaidFastest global throughput CDNJun-20
50#CacheToolsFreeEnter a web address to freeze any page as it looks right nowSep-17
48#CacheToolsFreePerma helps authors and journals create permanent links for citations in their published workSep-17
47#CacheToolsFreeGet the cached page of any URL from several sourcesSep-17
47#ProductivityToolsFreemiumCollaborative project management with integrated time tracking, invoicing and expense managementSep-17
46#CacheToolsFreemiumPowerful tools to save, manage, annotate and share the webSep-17
44#CacheToolsFreeThe Google Cache Browser for any page on Internet.Aug-19
Text Only Cache
38#CacheToolsFreeBookmarklet where you can see a text only google cache version of a websiteSep-17
Mobile Link Checker
34#MobileMarketingFreeDoes Your Mobile Site Hide Links?Apr-18
Rack Cache
32#CacheToolsFreeA quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-based applicationsSep-17
32#CacheToolsFreeThe easiest way to get cached pages Sep-17
29#CDNToolsFreemiumthe first and only content delivery network (CDN) with the ability to cache dynamic WordPress pagesJun-20
Bulk Wayback Machine Checker
27#CacheToolsFreeGreat for seeing which domains are accessible by the Wayback Machine.Sep-17
26#CacheToolsFreemiumWayback machine online downloader. Download an entire website from the Web Archive archive.orgApr-18
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