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“This is it.  The time has finally come to open marketingtools.net!  Hi, my name is Ron Denny and I’m pleased to say that marketing tools is ready for the world! This outstanding website helps find marketing tools.  It’s so fast that it’s faster than a cheetah!  This website gives the opportunity for having more fun on your device, so come visit marketingtools.net and make life more easy and fun.”

My 10 year old daughter surprised me with that intro after hearing me say I was stuck on this page.  Here is my version, albeit much less colorful and fun:

MarketingTools.net is a one-page list of marketing tools.  The entire list is located on the homepage.  Every tool is categorized and ranked.  It is intended to give a bird’s-eye view of the marketing tools landscape and show you how these tools stack up against each other so that you can find the right tool for your website/project.  I compiled this list one by one over months and read a brief summary of each and every tool.  There are currently 5000+ tools separated into 120+ categories (tags) including “seo tools”, “social media tools”, “email marketing tools”, “content tools” and more.  The list is sorted by Moz PA (page authority) by default and includes a brief one-line description for each tool.

My name is Ron Denny and I have been developing and marketing websites for 15+ years.  I have used hundreds of marketing tools both free and paid during that time.  In my experience, finding the right tool for any particular task is an essential skill you need to develop to increase your productivity as a marketer.

I built this site for several reasons.  I wanted to have a new way to find tools that I have used in the past that have been long lost into my bookmark abyss.  On the right is my massively large, completely disorganized marketing tools bookmarks folder.  This just shows a small sample of the bookmarks within that folder.  It’s a wonder I had any success using this organizing method at all.

I have seen thousands of marketing tool lists over the years both big and small, organized in hundreds of different ways.  Some lists were limited but included very detailed descriptions.  Some lists only included a few top tools in each category.  Some lists tried to be all inclusive but were spread out over hundreds of pages on their site. Some lists were very short and just targeted the chosen keywords of the day.

I have always wanted to see a birds-eye view of all the marketing tools out there with some comparative variables.  I believe my method of putting everything on one page and assigning each tool a PA and Category/Tag with a short description gives a unique perspective that marketers have not seen before.  It gives marketers a few new ways to search and find marketing tools.

Instead of spending 15 minutes looking for some old tool I used to use within my bookmarks I can now just load this site up and do an easy keyword or tag search and find all the old tools I have used in the past in addition to any new tools that may be relevant or better.

I enjoy building large database/table type websites.  One thing I wanted to find out was how large I could build a dataset and still have the page load in a reasonable amount of time. I first compiled the list to 5000+ entries and then proceeded to find out how long the page load times were.  The initial page load times were around 28 seconds.  This has since been reduced to under 5 seconds through various methods.  More on this later.

The list is sorted by MOZ PA (Page-Authority) and is pretty self-explanatory and intuitive.  Here are some extra details if you’re interested:

All columns are sortable by clicking on them.  The show entries dropdown is defaulted to 100.  You can change this to 10, 25, 50, or All.  If you select All please be aware that searching, filtering and sorting become more compute intensive. 

Every entry has one tag associated with it.  Selecting one or more tags in the Tag Filter dropdown will filter the list.  Selecting one or more of the prices will also filter the list.  In the above example I have selected to only view #ContentTools and #SocialMediaTools that are either Free or Freemium.  If you want to remove one of the tags or pricing options just click on them below the dropdown. 

There is also an instant filter you can use to filter the entire list using any word or phrase you choose.  It filters the list on the fly as you type in each letter.  It can be very useful for searching for something specific that is not included as a tag.

Tools that have helped make the MarketingTools.net website possible and helped to reduce the load times include:

  • Tablepress WordPress Plugin developed by Tobias Bäthge
  • WPX Hosting – I have tried many different hosting companies over the years and have never come across a company that offered better service and performance. Using WPX hosting was absolutely essential in helping me reduce the load time of the home page.
  • Astra WordPress Theme – One of the most lightweight and fastest wordpress theme I have come across.
  • CSS Sprites – I really wanted to include an image for each marketing tool entry. Loading 5000+ individual images was not an option if I wanted to have the page load in any kind of reasonable time. Image sprites were the solution.
  • W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.
  • Pingdom and GTmetrix website speed tests.
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